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Finding suppliers and getting catalogs and price lists

Starting a Wig and Hair Goods Business

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How to get catalogs and wholesale prices for wigs and hair companies      

Getting suppliers to send you information such as catalogs and wholesale pricing is very important - as it should be. Yet, most new resellers find that they can’t find a large number of suppliers on the internet or through research at the library. They don’t know where to start looking or how to look. They waste weeks or even months trying to find the suppliers of these products on the internet and then find that they can’t get what they need from the suppliers they did find. Or they find that they are not actually working with real suppliers but some discounter who may not even be a wholesaler. Some people ask why the secrecy and why would they not send me what I need to get started in the business.

Actually, the suppliers are more than happy to sell their product you need and send out catalogs and wholesale pricing to businesses or business start-ups provided they are bona fide business. They don't however, want to talk to consumers. That is the job of their retailers. Sometimes, if they have distributors or wholesalers, they let those companies handle the wholesaling of their products. However, most manufacturers will sell directly to licensed retailers and give them great prices. For more information on licensing go to Business Licensing - Starting a Wig and Hair Goods Business Unlike some other industries they most often do not give an exclusive contract to wholesalers or even distributors. They reserve the right to sell to licensed resellers of their product directly - provided the retailer calls them.

Here is how most new retailers usually end up purchasing their products. Wholesale suppliers are readily available. Often they are beauty supply stores who also act a wholesalers of wig and hair products and internet retailers who act as wholesalers or discounters. You can purchase from them but, often these suppliers are not the best place to go to get the best prices. They may in fact be your worst competitors. If you are buying at 30% under retail and they decide to run a sale on their products, they may actually be selling to the public at a lower price that what you paid them. Wig and Hair discounters can be found aplenty on the internet. There prices are often much higher than the manufacturers and distributors.  Most people just starting in the business don’t have any idea of this fact and assume they are getting the best prices they can get. No true. The real suppliers are where you can get the best prices.

In truth, in the wig and hair industry many manufacturers and distributors are happy to sell to any retailer.  They are harder to find because they mostly depend on their distributors or wholesalers to bring them business and avoid competing with them and the resellers of their products. Their middlemen wholesalers know exactly where to find them so the suppliers themselves don’t do much advertising.

The fact is that if you contact them directly they will be happy to sell to you. Most of your largest competitors are buying direct to get the best prices and make the best profits. 

How do you contact the real wig and hair companies

The Wig and Hair Goods Directory of Manufacturers, Distributors and wholesalers is the industry directory of suppliers that lists most all of the suppliers in wig and hair goods suppliers in the industry. It is not an open directory available on the internet for anyone because of the above reasons. You actually have to purchase the directory for a few dollars and it's totally tax deductable. This keeps retail customers from contacting them, unless they become members by buying the directory. The suppliers can go about their business doing their jobs of manufacturing, distributing  but allows "their" customers - the wholesalers and resellers to easily contact them.

The directory contains business profiles for most major wig and hair goods manufactures, distributors and wholesalers. Each supplier has a business profile with all their information such as who they sell to, what products they manufacture or distribute, what brands they handle, where they are located, all their contact information and most everything else about them is contained in the business profile in the directory.

The InsidersClub is the the Internet version of the Wig and Hair Goods Directory of Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers which is sold as a hardcover directory to the wholesale industry, as a printable PDF directory which you can download to you computer desktop and printed. The online version, which is is affordable for most anyone, is available 24/7/365 to all it's  members.

Once you have access to the directory getting all the information you need is easy. 

How do you get the catalogs and price lists you need from these wig and hair suppliers?

Fist, remember that these suppliers will not do business with the consumer. If you are going to contact them you need to either be in the business already or going into the business. You need to be licensed for retail sales. This usually requires a business license from your state or province.

Most all of the suppliers will want your basic business information. Resellers can use the standard Wholesale Wig and Hair Wholesale Application Form[2] available free on the directory site for almost all business in the USA Canada and worldwide. US suppliers want to see a copy of your business license before they will give you wholesale pricing or even send out catalogs. If you don't have a business license chances are good they won't talk to you and certainly wont give you wholesale pricing.

If you are new to the business and want lots and lots of catalogs and price lists you will want to follow the instructions  "Secret, simple reliable way to get catalogs and wholesale pricing streaming to you door in a few days.[3]  This is actually the formula for success in getting this done in short order.

How to get the best deals from the wig and hair suppliers.

You can simply contact them after you send in your application and copy of your business license and they will work with you to get catalogs and prices to you or to place you first order. But, it's a good idea to know how to negotiate to get the best prices. There is a basic wholesale price list that suppliers will give you along with there minimum purchase requirements. Unless you are buying the minimum you may be able to get a better price on the products. Especially if you are new to the business you should read the  "Confidential Report" "...The Ins and Outs of Buying & Selling Wigs Hair Products for Profit" which you receive free as an  InsidersClub™  Member - with the directory. If will help you understand the business and help you save big."[4]  This report alone can save you hundreds of even thousands of dollars. You can also purchase the inexpensive report separately. 

To find the suppliers you simply purchase one of the directories or become an Insiders Club Member at
Hair Goods Wholesale . To get more specific details about the directory go to the Directory detail page

One more caveat is that this directory service offers is the ability to get the information on just one or a few suppliers of certain brands. You can get the information on 1-4 suppliers without even becoming a member  for a very small fee.  The Business Detail sheet are emailed to you within 24 hours during business days.

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