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Find all the wig and hair suppliers you need at
The secret
of getting 30 "or more" Wig Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Hair suppliers to start sending you catalogs and
wholesale prices in
72 hours.

You might think finding suppliers much less getting fast responses are an IMPOSSIBILITY, a DREAM, or maybe MAGIC 

It's not. Here is the simple reliable way to get what you need.

With just a few simple steps

The responses you get, and how fast you get them, of course depends on you and the method you use to get the job done. You may already have taken the 1st step by becoming a InsidersClub Member of Hair Goods Wholesale. If you did, you now have access to over 220 + major suppliers of over 565+ brands of product. Having that information is the first step.  Whether you have or have not yet become a member read on. For more directory information please click this link to our Home Page

Why are wigs and hair suppliers so hard to find and information so hard to get?

Most wig manufacturers and hair suppliers don't in fact want to be found by consumers. They are already in business supplying their product to distributors and wholesalers as well retail resellers. They do not sell to the general public - consumers - and don't want to deal with them. That is the job of the retailers and they do not want to be the competition. Their distributors and wholesalers often sell to the qualified resellers and thus they don't "need" that business. But, do they want the business from you the qualified reseller? YES!

If you are a qualified reseller (read article Startup Series 1  for  details and licensing requirements) and want to purchase direct they will give you the best prices they can to get and keep your business. Not only that but more often than not the amount you need to invest is minimal - as little as $200 to $500 dollars and some will drop ship for you. Consider - Unless you are buying thousands of pieces they are making more money from you directly than they make form distributors and wholesalers and if you are qualified,  they are very happy to have your business. No mater how much you buy it's better for them and for you.

Often they only make their information available in trade publications (such as this one)  and directly to their target market. In other words,  they come to you or only show their products at trade shows or make you work hard to find them. You almost need to jump a few hoops to get their attention.

Consumers won't go to all the trouble, but, real businesses even start-ups will make the effort needed to make contact with them and get the best deals.   

Day 1

Print the Supplier Detail sheets for all the suppliers you want to do business with from hairgoodswholesale directory.

Fill out the Standard Wholesale Application Online  FREE at It will be the same for every supplier. Once you have completed the form print it.)  Make sure you verify that all of your contact information is correct. You can't be contacted if it is not. 

Go through your list of suppliers one by one and fax your application to the listed fax number.  Make sure that you make notes of what you did on each supplier's detail sheet: i.e., "Sept. 25, faxed Wholesale App".

Please do this if you are applying to more than just a few suppliers. It is important and will help keep you organized when things start to pop.

If you send the application to 50 suppliers, you can expect to have about 30 of them sending you catalogs and price lists based on your application provided you meet their qualifications. 

Day 2

Make sure you are near the phone you used in your application because you will start receiving responses from suppliers.

Make notes on the supplier sheet of the response and any questions you may have. Etc.

Day 3

Call any suppliers who did not contact you on Day 2 to make sure they got your application. Talk to the sales representative(s).  You can even start negotiating with them about purchasing their products. Preferably use a different phone line because suppliers will still be trying to call you on the line you gave them on the application.

The "Confidential Report"  
..The Ins and Outs of Buying & Selling Hair Products for Profit
tells you what you need to do to negotiate successfully and is free with membership of can be purchased separately.


Day 4


Follow up on any supplier (if any) that has not contact your by phone or email in response to your application. 





You can consider the Wig & Hair Products Industry Directory of Manufacturers, Distributors & Wholesalers one of those hoops, but in reality, it's a real business tool for real business people, who want to get the best deals, so they can compete in the marketplace with best of their competitors - on an equal playing field.

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There are:

Note:  in order to make this work, you must actually send your application to the suppliers you have selected.  Most real manufacturers and wholesalers (not retail outlets who say they sell "wholesale") require information about you before they send out catalogs and wholesale price sheets.

For more directory information please click this link to our Home Page


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