What does it take to become a member?
How Long does it take before I can get my information?

Membership is very simple and you can get access to all of the information in minutes.  

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Take a moment to some of the details.

        On the next page you will choose a membership method.                      

You can Choose:

  1.  3 months online membership which includes all updates

  2. The downloadable PDF directory without without online membership.
    You login and download the entire PDF directory to your computer desktop. 

  3. The downloadable PDF directory combined with a 1 year membership including all updates to the directory  BEST DEAL!

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        Or Optionally you can choose:   

  • The hardcover Multi-License Multi User Edition or Library Edition of the Directory. 

  • If you need only a few Individual Suppliers (1-4 specific suppliers) you can choose the "Individual Supplier" tab at the top of the page.

  • If you want only the "Confidential Report" choose that tab at the top of the page.  

How Long does it take before I can get the information?

You will have access to  full access to all of the private pages or the downloadable directory in 5 to 10 minutes. About 3-5 minutes after you become a member.          
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Here is why.

After you decide which kind of membership you want, or after you choose an option you will fill out a membership form including your own individual login and password to get you into the private site 24/7/365 (anytime).

Once you become a member, (It takes about 5 minutes to complete everything.) you will receive an email within 3-5 minutes telling you that you can log on using the login and password you used when you signed up and the link to the login page. Alternatively you can log in from the home page after a few moments. What could be easier?  At that point you have full access to the Wig and Hair Goods Industry of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

You will then be able to view all of the private member pages and/or download the directory and/or "Confidential Report" to your desktop depending on your membership choices.   

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If you choose to get individual suppliers you will not get the membership or get access to the directory but instead will have the Supplier Profile Page emailed to you within 24 hours during business days. You will receive al the detail when ordering profile for specific suppliers. Click here to get individual Suppliers.  


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