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The secrets of how to hake your wig look like your hair -From Emmy Award-Winning hairdresser in the motion picture industry Donna Gilbert-Mann  Hello! --- My name is Donna Gilbert-Mann. I am an Emmy Award-Winning hairdresser in the  motion picture industry. For the past 30 years, I've worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, using WIGS to create great hair styles for them. In the movie industry, things have to be just right for those close-up shots. Mistakes are out of the question. Just think about everything I've had to learn and do, to get those stars' WIGS to look great and to win an Emmy After all that experience I have used my inside knowledge to create the "Hair Again" Video series for Women.

This video has a suggested retail price or 39.95 to 49.95 in salons and wig shops. Internet retail is typically 24.95 to 29.95
It is available to you for as low as 9.95. 

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Hair Styling Video for Women - Caucasian
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You can get the first tape at a discount if you are a licensed reseller. (Optional) You can then purchase 12 items or more at the wholesale price. Once you are signed up we can drop ship (3 Day Priority Mail Insured ) directly to your customers when you place an order.
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  Credit card, PayPal, Cahiers Check or Money Order. Check are accepted but the is a delay of up to 7 days for shipping.
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