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 Sina International  AKA Silhouette Hair


Silhouette - Ethnic Afro American, Remy Debut, Hair Garden, Wig Garden, and Nu-Trendz - Lace Wigs

 Products and Services Information

Welcome to
for more than 15 years, Sina International has been involved in the industry, supplying a wide range of quality hair products; synthetic wigs, human wigs, half-wigs, draw-string ponytails, human hair extensions, synthetic extensions, accessories, etc...

We have focused on creating the most innovative hair products with up-to-minute hairstyles with our "Silhouette series, which is the top brand in the market, and never been left behind in this fierce competition of the industry. This is accomplished by using the finest 100% human hair and synthetic fiber, and by the high standard of O.E.M facilities and in house R&D center.

We, at are dedicated to your satisfaction and promise to keep on supplying the highest quality product in the market.

You will be confident with Silhouette and be comfortable with Sina International as your successful business partner.
Sincerely yours Sina International Corp.
If you have question Please call 847-364-9920 or e-mail to Customer service (talk with Karen) We will be able to give you more information if you fill out the wholesale request form first

  You can apply right now. To purchase wholesale Fax Business contact information Wholesale Request Form business license and Tax-id (for verification) to 847-364-9926 . Attn : Jane Han. Call us after 24 hours.  


1940 S Carboy Rd. , Mt. Prospect Illinois  60056



Mon-Fri : 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (CST)




Phone (s)

847-364-9920  Toll Free  800 699 0894








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Supplier Type Report an Error
Manufacturer, Distributor
In Business Since   1992
Area Served   International
Sells To:
Sells to  Wig & Hair Salons, Resellers Beauty Supply Dealers etc.
Licensing Required to Purchase:
Business License (Resale License)
Products  offered

Wig, Human Wig, Synthetic Wig, Hair Weave, Remy Hair, Bulk Hair, Pony Tail, Draw String, Weaving, Remi Hair, Human Hair, Lace Front Wig, Beauty Supply, Black Hair Style, Black Hair, Ethnic Wig and hair styling videos.

Hair Types Supplied
Synthetic,  Human Hair, Remy Hair,
Wig Cap Types Supplied
Wefted, Lace
Additional Certification Requirements
Minimum purchase:   $ 500
Drop ship:      NO   $ N/A
Purchasing Details/ Restrictions
Payment Options
Credit Card, PayPal, M.O. Cashiers Check etc.
Other Info.

* Please Note:

As you can see this is not simply a listing for a supplier. There is much more information here. All of the wholesalers have been researched for you. We do not list retailers, retailers "claiming" to sell wholesale or even Internet discounters who only give you a marginal discount or 15 to 30 %  of retail. Wholesale pricing in the industry allows for a 100 % or even more markup for resellers in most cases.