Welcome to the  Hair Products Wholesale Affiliate Program

If you have a wig, hair, fashion, salon, wholesale or any other website that is in some way related to the wig and hair industry or have customers or web surfers that would have interest in wig or hair products "wholesale"  you will probably benefit from joining our affiliate program.

You must have a website to participate. All sites except porn and hate sites are welcome but we reserve the right to accept or reject your site from participation and membership in the program. 

For background and overview of the Directory see Founders Message 

Let's cover the basics.

  1. General Description: This affiliate program was designed by staff members with experience as affiliates. They have seen good and bad programs and know the frustration a bad program can cause an affiliate. We the best of the good programs and designed the simplest and fairest affiliates program. 

  2. Payment Amount: We pay an affiliate commission of 20% on all products including additional products that someone may buy. Yes, you may be your first customer but to get paid commissions on your own sale you must have a 2nd sale within 6 months.

  3. Cookie Duration: There is a cookie that is issued with a 30 day duration so even if the customer comes back directly to the site later you still get the commission.

  4. Payment Period: You receive payment approximately 60 days after purchase  - Payments are made on the first of the month to your PayPal account or sent directly to you by check depending on your choice at sign-up.

  5. Minimum Payment: - There is no minimum payment amount. You get paid what you are owed when it is due.

  6. Cancellations:  In the unusual event that the customer cancels after they make a purchase you will not receive commissions or, if you have already been paid the cancellation will be charged back and/or deducted.   

  7. Statistics: You have 24/7 access to your account to see how many Clicks, Sales and Commissions you have.

  8. Banners and text code: You have access to banner and text code to put on your site containing your own affiliate code. You can copy and paste the code without and changes.

    Banners are all generated dynamically. What this means is that the banners never get old and stale and you never see that
    X where the banner should be. We don't cancel banners or text code.  We change banners periodically. As we find banners that work better and generate more sales or if we run a sale we make the changes on our site and they change automatically on your site. 

    Text code: 
    Our text code allows you to enter your own ad copy before or after the code.

  9. Code use: You may use this same code on more than one website if you have more and in email as well.
    See: "Spam Caution" Blow for email use restriction.


  10. Link Opening procedure: All of our code calls for opening in a new page so the shopper always has your site right behind the site they clicked on. You can change this method at your option.

  11. Keywords:  We have no problem with your advertising on the search engines using any keywords you like if you want to. We are not competitors. We are partners.

  12. Email Marketing:  If you want to use our code and send information to your customers on your mailing list feel free to do so.

  13. Term:  Other than for spam violation as stated below or other grossly negligent behavior your affiliate program will be for a 6 month period and renewable as long as your account is active. During that period we will not change the commission amount paid to you or put any restrictions on the program which we are not required to do by law. The structure and commissions are subject to change after the 6 moth period. If such an unlikely change should occur you will be notified and will need to approve the change. 

  14. SPAM CAUTION: WE do NOT believe in mass email marketing that is spamming people. We do not allow spam to be sent out relating to our site or products in any way. Simply don't do it. If we receive spam reports your affiliate membership "WILL"  be cancelled -- Period end of sentence.

  15. Cancellation Should your account become "inactive" for a period of 90 days we may cancel it at our option. You may cancel at any time.

  16. Ethics: You agree to act in an ethical manner as an affiliate of this program and not violate any portions of this agreement, use HairGoodsWholesale.com or any of it's products or services in any type of unethical, unsanctioned or illegal activity, and hold HairGoodsWholesale.com harmless should any action be taken against you for any transgression on your part.    

  17. Have I missed anything? Please  email  me if you have any other questions.

By signing up for the affiliate program you agree that you you have read, understand and
agree to the above provisions of the program.

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